This release incorporates a significant change to the way that claim names are compared. We now use case-insensitive comparison. It will take effect at mainnet height 539940 and on testnet height 993380. Notes on this change follow:

  • For determining the winning claim at a given name, we use a case-insensitive and unicode-normalized comparison. This ensures that similar accent marks compete and that differing case compete.
  • UTF8 input is supported. Non-conformant input is also supported. Thus malformed or partial UTF8 will still get recorded. (And those exact bytes will have to be used to look it up.)
  • The exact bytes that came in with a claim are preserved. You can see those exact bytes in the name field that is returned by these RPC methods: getclaimsintrie, getvalueforname, getclaimsforname, getclaimbyid. We hope these will be rendered as the correct address; we want the consumers to see the exact casing chosen by the publisher.
  • The name field on the UPDATE op can be used to change casing. The SUPPORT op is no longer case sensitive (but relies heavily on the claimId).
  • The name input field for these RPC methods is not case sensitive: getvalueforname, getclaimsforname, getnameproof.
  • There is a new RPC command, checknormalization, that returns the normalized, lower-cased form of the input.
  • The getclaimsintrie results will have a name field added inside the claim object, which will then contain the original name. The outer name field will become normalized_name. This is a breaking change and will happen with the release, not fork height.

The only other change in this release is that testnet will stop resetting to minimum difficulty at block 1100000.

Known issue: the normalized_name field returned in RPC getclaimsforname does not actually contain the normalized name until after the fork height applies.

SHA256 of Zips: Linux: 38d36ea3f746235fdffe0fb4b9e035a29fb00e79d9c852fcc11b4167acdaafc1 OSX: b7d495ae83b7b867101346d3ff182a31157daba793707ec5ba9d64d2e2002718 Windows: 344de48aac734d6224585ef9849af759a36ca466b16cc992f24084a8a86d504b