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  1. 09 Feb, 2019 8 commits
    • lbrynaut's avatar
      Fix Windows ICU build by making sure the cross compiled ICU exists before building boost. · 1b5d2105
      lbrynaut authored
      Add some additional logging during ICU configuration and build process.
      Resolve ICU on windows link issues.
      Add /tmp/icu_install (cross-compile staging build) to the travis
      directory cache for future windows builds.
    • Brannon King's avatar
      repaired ICU link order · 0c908ca1
      Brannon King authored
    • lbrynaut's avatar
      Modify ICU discovery and add ICU linkage for tests · c2f184fa
      lbrynaut authored
      Rename claimtrieForks to claimtrieforks for consistency
      Update a typo in rpcwallet
    • Brannon King's avatar
      reverted accidental use of c++11 const · d740e376
      Brannon King authored
      don't skip build by dir alone
    • Brannon King's avatar
      bumping version for release · 1bf736a1
      Brannon King authored
    • Brannon King's avatar
      removed duplicate trie in RAM, other norm fixes · fd6e2660
      Brannon King authored
      also includes code to validate incoming utf8
      moved normalization from claimTrie; all in cache now
      also fixed a few post-merge issues
      added handling for support normalization
      fixed failure to handle unnormalized items reinserted on rollback
      fixing ICU deps for Travis build
      get more info on Travis build failure
      Travis experiment 2: ICU fPIC
      add independent tests to check string normalization only
      move comment to proper location, and note what excpetion is thrown
      add RPC call checknormalization so user can see what normalization does
      made expiration at norm time smarter
      also rearranged unit test code to avoid some spurious errors
      made ICU compile statically
      also fixed early exit in reproducible_build script
      changed to keep original name
      removed ability to return just-added supports
      it was impossible to get the normalized names correct there
      apparently the -s is no longer appreciated
      moved normalization code to separate file
      also fixed bug on effective amount
      fixed performance problem on trie upgrade
      fixed issue with valid height on rollback
      fixed issue with post-normalization name q data
      fixed failure to remove normalized claims on rollback
      post-merge fixes
      post-merge fixes
    • lbrynaut's avatar
      No longer abort on removal from claimtrie in the case of expiration · 223b6047
      lbrynaut authored
      where normalization is enabled and the claim no longer exists (due to
      normalization related narrowing)
    • lbrynaut's avatar
      Implement a hard fork to normalize claim names · 3edbb262
      lbrynaut authored
      Apply (self) review feedback
      Clean deps required for boost to rebuild with icu support (for now)
      Normalization bug fixes and improvements
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