Commit ebeb2bd0 authored by Anthony Fieroni's avatar Anthony Fieroni Committed by Umpei Kay Kurokawa
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Specify non-standard transaction error when it's dust

Signed-off-by: default avatarAnthony Fieroni <>
parent 72cbc491
......@@ -1034,8 +1034,12 @@ bool AcceptToMemoryPoolWorker(CTxMemPool& pool, CValidationState& state, const C
// Rather not work on nonstandard transactions (unless -testnet/-regtest)
string reason;
if (fRequireStandard && !IsStandardTx(tx, reason))
return state.DoS(0, false, REJECT_NONSTANDARD, reason);
if (fRequireStandard && !IsStandardTx(tx, reason)) {
if (reason == "dust")
return state.DoS(0, false, REJECT_DUST, reason);
return state.DoS(0, false, REJECT_NONSTANDARD, reason);
// Don't relay version 2 transactions until CSV is active, and we can be
// sure that such transactions will be mined (unless we're on
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