Commit a568691c authored by Brannon King's avatar Brannon King
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MaxTipAge should only apply on mainnet

parent a4f8b5c3
......@@ -1106,7 +1106,7 @@ bool IsInitialBlockDownload()
return true;
if (chainActive.Tip()->nChainWork < nMinimumChainWork)
return true;
if (chainActive.Tip()->GetBlockTime() < (GetTime() - nMaxTipAge))
if (Params().NetworkIDString() == CBaseChainParams::MAIN && chainActive.Tip()->GetBlockTime() < (GetTime() - nMaxTipAge))
return true;
LogPrintf("Leaving InitialBlockDownload (latching to false)\n");, std::memory_order_relaxed);
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