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### Software Requirements
* Android Studio
* WebStorm (or other IDE for editing React Native / JavaScript code)
* yarn
### Android Steps
* Clone the repository using `git clone`
* Initialise the submodules. ```
* Initialise the submodules.
cd lbry-react-native
git submodule update --init --recursive
* Install the required package modules by running `yarn` in the cloned repository folder.
* Open Android Studio and click File > Open...
* Navigate to the cloned repository on your local filesystem and select the `android` subfolder.
* Connect your Android device in USB debugging mode, or create an ARM emulator (slower) to run the app.
* Click Run > Run... and select the corresponding app configuration. Note that it may take a while for the project files to sync before you can run the app
* In order to edit the React Native / JavaScript files, open the cloned repository folder using WebStorm (or your favourite IDE).
### React Native Fast Refresh
In order to enable fast refresh when updating React Native code
* Connect your Android device in USB debugging mode, or create an ARM emulator
* Run `adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081` (`adb` can be found in the `platform-tools` folder of your Android SDK installation)
* Run `yarn start`
* Press `r` to reload the app.
* Anytime you make an update to the React Native code, the app should automatically refresh.
## Contributing
Contributions to this project are welcome, encouraged, and compensated. For more details, see
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