Commit aa5dd878 authored by Akinwale Ariwodola's avatar Akinwale Ariwodola
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fix displayed wallet custody message when signed in

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Subproject commit cbc4a662e670941b1c82aa6846ac56923c30af2f
Subproject commit ff30e7f6a4358fd997a9e6d9f75bfe6959eafcb6
import { connect } from 'react-redux';
import { selectClaimsBalance, selectSupportsBalance, selectTipsBalance } from 'lbry-redux';
import { makeSelectClientSetting } from 'redux/selectors/settings';
import WalletBalanceExtra from './view';
import Constants from 'constants'; // eslint-disable-line node/no-deprecated-api
const select = state => ({
claimsBalance: selectClaimsBalance(state) || 0,
deviceWalletSynced: makeSelectClientSetting(Constants.SETTING_DEVICE_WALLET_SYNCED)(state),
supportsBalance: selectSupportsBalance(state) || 0,
tipsBalance: selectTipsBalance(state) || 0,
export default connect(
export default connect(select, null)(WalletBalanceExtra);
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